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To register for any AFCEA DC event or sponsorship... To make a donation... or, To become a member of a "Working Group"... You must first become a registered user of our site.  Registering with the site solely as a "user" is free, but membership in AFCEA must be paid to AFCEA International in advance.  Registering with the site as a "Working Group" member - individual or corporate - does carry a price, and comes with access to exclusive Group Forums and content.  If you register with this site as an "AFCEA Member", please be sure your AFCEA International membership is current.  Questions about AFCEA membership may be directed to the International Membership Customer Service Center at or 703-631-6100.  To register as an AFCEA DC Site User, so you can proceed with event and sponsor registrations... Or, to register as a Working Group Member, so you can access exclusive content & directories... Please click on "SITE USER or MEMBER REGISTRATION" in the navigation box to the left.  After you register once, you will only need to remember your login credentials next time you return.

Events, FY2012-2013

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